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The overall footprint of the holster is minimized through the use of innovative molding techniques and design characteristics which provide a feature set unmatched by any other appendix holster on the market today. The one-piece design, folded from the trigger guard side, allows us to incorporate a side mounted strut loop that aids in concealment by pushing the grip in toward the body, significantly reducing how much the gun prints.

Featuring user adjustable retention as well as fully adjustable ride height and cant, you can customize the fit of the holster to find the perfect spot that is most comfortable for daily wear. A full set of additional accessories will be available for this new holster ranging from an integrated accessory pouch to a comfort pad which will attach to the rear of the holster.

All needed hardware to make this conversion is included in every box. Adjustable Ride Height and Cant Easily configurable by loosening the screws on the IWB belt clip and sliding the clip in the channels to achieve the desired position. Adjustable Retention Allows for end user adjustment of holster retention by adjusting trigger side screws. Sweat Guard Standard option that extends from top of holster between body and firearm. Protects gun by providing a sweat barrier from the body.

Protects body from gun when holstering. Provides touch point for ease in holstering. Plus Pouch Option Magazine pouches and other accessories can be carried in added pouch connected to the slide side of the holster with a leather connection wing. All holsters proudly made in the USA.

Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more Select Option Evo Micro. SDP Compact. L9-A2 MF. Strike One. AM2 3. Compact Long Slide Sub-Compact. LH RH. DCC Monoblock Clip 1. You can add a plus pouch to your DualPoint right here as you order your holster.


Ordering the plus pouch with your holster is cheaper than ordering it separately later. Spare Magazine. Spare Magazines are the only Plus Pouch options currently, but check back for other options in the future. Please select any of the special modifications that are needed on your holster. Technical Details Coming Soon. BlackPoint's industry leading build process yields a holster like none other.

This process does take time so please be patient while we make sure your holster is built just the way you want it - Your Holster.This company was founded by Spencer Keepersa nationally-recognized marksman and personal defense instructor.

After years of carrying his firearm in the traditional strong-side-hip position, Spencer transitioned to the modern appendix inside-the-waistband carry method AIWB. Initial designs were built around a full-sized Glock This long-barreled handgun was so well concealed that Spencer started making his AIWB holsters for other handgun models too.

But of course, even if people have all the right gear, that gear is wasted without competent training on how to use it properly. So in addition to quality holsters, Keepers Concealment also offers various levels of self-defense instruction. From beginning shooters to elite operators, we pride ourselves on arming people with the technical and tactical knowledge required to carry a firearm safely, securely, and effectively.

We invite you to browse our website for more information on all of our products and services. Thank you for your interest in Keepers Concealment, and we look forward to helping you carry with confidence. Keepers Concealment began as a specialty holster maker, focused solely on custom kydex holsters for appendix inside-the-waistband carry AIWB. However, our inventory has expanded over the years, and we now offer a variety of other designs to meet the needs of different people, environments, body types, and styles of dress.

We also welcome inquiries about special customization. No upfront payment is required. I am, after all, a pretty petite female. Or my second. Or my third.

Or my first time going to town. Or the first time to sit down and nurse my baby while wearing it. Or the first time I fell asleep wearing it. I truly believe that Spencer makes the greatest appendix inside the waistband holsters on the market today.

The Keeper became my new favorite holster almost from the moment I put it on. I had initially intended to begin evaluating the holster in dry fire… But the Keeper was so good that I just kept wearing it. In the low ride position, it is about the equivalent of my old holster, which allows for a full grip while the gun is holstered.

Keepers Concealment. Keeper or Errand? Class Testimonials. Submit your review. Create your own review. Awareness Defense.When it comes to choosing an appendix carry holster, there are two main things you should consider, comfort and safety. There are a TON of crap appendix holsters on the market, which is why over the years appendix carry has gained such a bad reputation.

The truth is if you find a quality holster and practice with it, carrying appendix style is one of the BEST carry methods.

aiwb holster

Before we get into the review, I just want to say that you may hear this type of holster called an AIWB holster, which stands for appendix inside waist band holster. When shopping for an appendix carry holster, you really need to do your due diligence and find a holster that is tried and true. When carrying appendix style your gun will be pointed at some important areas, leaving no room for an accidental discharge. Just keep in mind, when it comes to choosing a holster, some things just come down to personal preferences.

I found this video on YouTube. I think it does a great job summarizing what you should look for in a holster. When it comes to thickness, most holsters are 0. So, you might be wondering which is better? It really comes down to personal preference, both are pretty thin. Some people prefer a 0. No matter what thickness you go to, make sure you practice your draw and holstering a lot! When it comes to the retention, you want to get a holster with some retention but not too much.

If you can, get a holster with adjustable retention, so you can set your preferred amount of force required to remove your gun from the holster. There are two main ways that holsters attach to belts. The most common ways are with clips or snap closures.

Most high-quality holsters have snap closures. Clip attachment holsters are usually a little quicker to get on and off a belt, but in my opinion, are a little more prone to breaking or failure. Appendix carry can be uncomfortable if you get a holster that is bulky. Well designed holsters will securely hold your firearm and not allow it to rattle and shake as you move around. With some cheap holsters you can literally hear the gun moving around.

You should be able to shake your holster upside down and not have the gun fall out.

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I recommend carrying with at least one magazine. Along with giving you more rounds, it can also balance the holster and make it feel more secure. Sometimes if you get a holster with multiple mag holders it can get too bulky, but again, it all comes down to preference. This is another point that is pretty obvious but make sure you buy a AWIB holster that will accommodate the gun you plan on carrying.

Some holsters have sweat guards. These are nice during the summer or hot days because they keep sweat of your gun. Open-ended can also be better if you plan on practicing or shooting a lot.

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It allows for better ventilation and for the barrel and other components to cool faster. Try not to fall into the mindset that more expensive is better.

There are some holsters on this list that are far better than holsters that cost almost twice the price. Shop or Read Reviews. Available for: Nearly all common CCW models refer to product page for specifics. The owner is a former Marine and hires veterans, which is just another reason to support them. A lot of people say this holster is so comfortable they decided to try appendix carry for the first time.

aiwb holster

The clip has a great design that quickly attaches to your belt quickly and securely. It has an adjustable retention pressure and carry angle cant between 0 and 15 degrees.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

aiwb holster

Inside the waistband or IWB holsters are the standard for concealed carry. Alien Gear's IWB holsters are designed to conceal easily but carry comfortably, so you can carry all day without the typical pains of carrying with lesser quality holsters. We design our holsters to last for decades of use, and to be adjustable so you can set the carry position and holster retention to your exact preference. Alien Gear's IWB concealed carry holsters are designed to excel in areas where other holsters fall behind.

The ShapeShift IWB holster has an innovative shell design that completely wraps the trigger guard and covers the pistol, but does so with less surface area than other holster designs and without sacrificing durability or fit.

As a result, the footprint of the holster backer is reduced compared to other designs. The Cloak Tuck leather IWB holster is made using plush oz black or tan leather, which ensure a more secure carry even after break-in - unlike many other leather holsters.

The Cloak Tuck 3. Every Alien Gear IWB holster is designed to adjust the ride height, grip cant and retention so the wearer can dial these settings to precisely the setting they desire. The belt clips on the ShapeShift IWB holster can be moved without the use of tools, allowing you to make adjustments on the fly.

The Adjustable Retention Unit is also able to precisely dial in the passive retention should the user desire. The ShapeShift can also be equipped with J-clips, C-clips and O-clips besides our standard belt clips, as can the Cloak Tuck line in case you prefer a different style of belt clip. Holster retention in an Alien Gear holster is better than with many competing holster designs through our innovative shell designs.

The ShapeShift IWB, despite being a hybrid holster, fully wraps the trigger guard, offering a superior fit and retention right out of the box. Many have found that further retention is almost unnecessary as a result.

The retention shell of the ShapeShift and our Cloak Tuck line are custom-made for the precise make and model firearm it is offered for. We don't offer generic shells that fit multiple pistols; we make the shell for your gun.

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As a result, you get the custom holster fit without the custom holster lead time or break-in period. One size does not fit all, and some don't even fit most or even many. You get the backing platform to precisely fit your pistol, whether it's a micro, subcompact, compact or full-size pistol.

This way, you don't have to fight a bulky holster platform that's designed for any pistol that you carry a micro pistol with, nor a holster that's too small to hold your full-size pistol. With the right holster for your pistol, you get better concealment and a more comfortable carry than with a holster design that doesn't really suit your concealed carry pistol.

Looking for something a little different? Check out all the options that we have to offer with our holsters.

Alien Gear ShapeShift 4. Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3. Cloak Tuck 3. Riverbend Ave. Post Falls, ID. Alien Gear Holsters is bent on crafting the worlds best concealed carry holsters on the planet. Any planet. All Rights Reserved.

Patents Pending.Because the typical placement is often close to the location of the appendix - hence the name - appendix carry. This concealed carry is also known as the AIWB holster, an acronym for appendix-inside-the-waistband.

This type of carry has some distinct advantages over the traditional IWB carry. The AIWB placement is slightly off-center of the belly button near centerline, allowing for more convenient insertion into the waistband and an easier draw from concealment. Due to the trending popularity of appendix carry, a number of holster manufacturers have rebranded their standard behind-the-hip holster designs as appendix carry by simply adding an "A" to the description.

aiwb holster

Most behind-the-hip holsters actually should not double as AIWB holsters due to the fact that they are designed be used behind the body and the soft tissue of the front of the body requires a different ergonomic design, available in a true AIWB holster.

As the first major concern of any conceal carry is safety, the AIWB holster also must have a completely covered trigger guard and good passive retention. Besides that, you should look for a few other important features in a good appendix holster like an adjustable cant, tuck, and wedge. If the appendix holster has a vertical or neutral cant, it will be more comfortable and the gun will be easier to index due to natural body mechanics.

To enhance concealment, a good, purpose-built appendix holster should have some sort of built-in tuck and wedge placed beneath the waistband or somewhere near the muzzle-end of the holster. Others can use wings, claws, or offset loops, but the only function they have is to angle the grip horizontally into the belly.

Appendix carry facilitates speed and ease of access while offering an increase in concealability. Carrying your sidearm in an AIWB position against soft abdominal tissue might also feel more comfortable.

Concealment is much easier and more discreet, as the natural drape of even a t-shirt easily covers the gun. Although carrying a large service handgun is a lot easier at the appendix position than carrying a full-size pistol with an IWB holster around four o'clock position, the best-suited guns to appendix concealed carry are compact and subcompact handguns.

Also, striker-fired pistols are generally preferred over hammer-fired pistols, which are a little less suited to AIWB. The smaller frame, hammerless revolvers or six-guns with shrouded hammers will also be a bit more comfortable in this carry position. Carrying appendix-style weapons make discovery a bit more challenging since people typically check the sides, small of the back, chest, and ankles.

The appendix region is usually avoided and very little attention is paid to this location. As for comfort, carrying an AIWB holster is quite comfortable when standing up and walking around. In addition, bending straight down can be uncomfortable depending on the size of weapon you are carrying. In the following chapters, we will try to help consumers understand what features they should look for in a purpose-built AIWB holster and what drawbacks they should be aware of.

Now that we've covered a little bit of background in regards to appendix carry holsters, let's switch gears and take a look at some of our favorite models. We're going to breakdown each holster's main features, pros, and cons so you have all the details to make a well-informed purchase.

Let's get started! A lot of new buyers were quite happy with this holster for a few good reasons. For one, it allows for excellent concealability of most pistols. And there was no bulging to speak of when users were carrying pistols of different sizes. One user even said this holster was a lot more comfortable to wear compared to his previous IWB holster.

This holster is perfect for not just right-handed shooters, but also left-handed shooters, as well. The Blackhawk A. Appendix Reversible Carry holster is an inside-the-waistband rig specifically designed for appendix carry and is particularly suitable for the one o'clock position.

The first Blackhawk AIWB holster was constructed from soft, yet durable, injection-molded polymer material.The 1 reason to carry a hybrid holster is for comfort. Since the backing is made of a soft, malleable material, the holster molds to your body more than a traditional all polymer holster.

There are not any sharp or hard edges being pressed against your body. All StealthGearUSA hybrid holsters also feature adjustable retention, an adjustable cant, and even ride height can be changed by moving the clips on the holster.

A combat cut holster means that the back of the holster has been trimmed away from the area around the grip of the firearm. There is only one concealed carry holster that provides comfort, security, and breathability into a…. Common questions for women just getting into concealed carry usually revolve around what clothing it…. As someone who thoroughly enjoys fly fishing, having the ability to carry a firearm while out in…. New Products. Add to Cart. Choose Options. A hybrid holster is made from two or more materials that are combined to give the best of both worlds.

StealthGearUSA has created a hybrid holster with a flexible platform that molds to your body for all-day comfort and a solid high retention shell to protect your firearm.

Traditional, old school hybrid holsters are made with leather or neoprene that leaving you feeling sticky and sweaty at the end of the day. The backing of our Ventcore platforms are made of a high-performance mesh to prevent the holster from feeling sweaty on hot days.

Laser cut ports and strategically placed padded cells allow for breathability and all-day comfort. Nov 8th The Original Breathable Holster There is only one concealed carry holster that provides comfort, security, and breathability into a… Posted by Dani.Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links; this means Outdoor Methods may earn a commission if you click on and make a purchase through these links at no cost to you.

Over the past several decades, appendix carrying has gone from a rarely seen phenomenon in the gun community to one of the most common ways to conceal carry. Why, you ask? Because appendix carry or appendix inside the waistband AIWB carry is one of the most dangerous ways to bear arms. So has everybody gone mad or is there a correct and safe way to carry in this position?

Just like everything else that deals with guns, you need the right equipment for optimal performance and safety. So kick back relax and check out our AIWB holster reviews below. Appendix Carry is the method of carrying your firearm concealed inside the waistband at the front and towards the center of your body. This is right in front of your appendix…. Well for one our arms are naturally positions to hang towards the front of our bodies, meaning you should be able to draw your gun faster from appendix position than other IWB carry positions in theory.

Also, it allows you to guard your weapon better while carrying. Other benefits are it enables you to conceal your gun better as well, and many people find it more comfortable when sitting compared to other carry positions.

As we have said before the firearm is pointed at some pretty important stuff on your body in this position.

There is no way around this fact.

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More specifically, your groin area and your femoral artery. For some, this means appendix carry is out of the question, and at the surface, we would agree. However, let us think this through is it really that more dangerous than other IWB carry positions?

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The answer is no. Now, before you call the men with a straight jacket let us explain. When you go to draw your gun the muzzle in this position will typically come out at an angle facing you. Even more disturbing, while you pull the gun from the holster to the shooting position, you are potentially exposing a large surface area of your body to the muzzle of your gun.

If an accidental firing of your weapon happens during this time, you are looking a considerable amount of bodily harm! When we decide to conceal carry, we must realize we are taking a risk and must educate and train ourselves to minimize this risk.

Proper education and training on skills like trigger discipline, holstering and drawing your firearm until it is second nature are critical. Another con is some find the AIWB carrying position downright uncomfortable to wear when sitting or bending down. This is common in people with a larger stomach. However, there are few ways that people with a larger stomach can try to counteract these issues with appendix carry holster.

Find a deep appendix carry holster with more of its length below the waistline. You might ask how that helps, and it is pretty simple; usually, a more significant gut will push on top of the rig.

Appendix Carry

This results in the gun and holster above the waistline being pushed out. The muzzle and lower part of the holster is then pushed into the body below the waistline. By lowering the top of the rig to the waistline, you lessen the force of the gut on it. Another method for AIWB carrying with a larger stomach is a foam wedge at the bottom of the holster.

For this to work, place the foam wedge at the bottom part of the holster facing the body. This compensates for the force of the stomach on the top portion of the rig, and keeps the bottom part of the holster from pushing into your body.

You are the only person that can decide if AIWB carrying is right for you.

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