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Fuller April 27, Send Feedback. Super heavy-lift drone manufacturer to open Florida plant. Photo courtesy of Griff Aviation North America. While there are no commercial unmanned aircraft systems on the market that can lift that much weight, there is one company set to compete in the heavy-lift market.

Griff Aviation North America's component supplier, Griff Aviation of Alesund, Norway, plans to build drones that can lift nearly one ton of weight, it said.

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The company has already built a prototype that can lift hundreds of pounds and is working on a larger one that can carry nearly 2, pounds. Based in Florida, the new assembly plant is set to build six drones each week for distribution throughout North America, with plans to increase capacity as needed.

Heavy-lift drones would be targeted mainly at the construction field or for other utility missions. The company hopes to accommodate the industrial, agricultural and military markets. Flight times can run from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on payload, with the option for added battery packs.

With a foot electronic tether, it can fly indefinitely. Presumably this will open the floodgates for companies currently awaiting the green light from the authorities. Latest News.

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griff 135 drone

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Add to Cart Buy Now. Help Contact Us Help Center. My Orders. All categories. Sign in Join. Sign in Join us. Sign in Join us Join us you can enjoy : Exclusive member-only privileges; Track orders easily; Check out quickly; Saved purchase history and favorites. Shop All Categories. Share to: Share for the first three times everyday and get 5 Points per time. See all Reviews. Pre-orders Pre-orders. QAR QR. BHD BD.Guido Fuentes, welcome to the show. Enrico Schaefer: Good.

Guido Fuentes: Sure. My original training is in aeronautical engineering. I have been working in the aviation industry for all this time in various capacities, but especially in what has to do with safety. One of the things that I do regarding safety is not just the implementation of safety management systems, which is an integral part of UAS operations commercially, but things like meeting the requirements for the FAA, in this case, the Part requirements, which basically means to be able to fly or to conduct commercial operations for hire, for compensation, in U.

PRISM is a very diverse organization. We have all kinds of different types of services. The one that I currently do is training and facilitation, facilitation basically meaning allowing customers to achieve their goal. In this case, the goal could be achieving Part certification to be able to operate commercially on demand in the U.

GRIFF Aviation Launches the GRIFF 300 – One BIG Drone

We also do training in all kinds of safety-related subjects. We also do certification assistance, which is also the Part work that we do with UAS operators. There are other sides to our business.

We offer an online solution for operators of all sorts, including UAS operators, to run their safety management system. We offer an online solution for SMS, and we are the biggest provider in the business aviation segment, although we do have many UAS operators also, as well, using our tool. We also have the same type of service exclusively for helicopters. We have a separate helicopter division which runs the safety management system tool and support for helicopter operators.

By the way, many of these helicopter operators are now diversifying into UAS as an option or a compliment to their business model. We also have a separate unmanned aviation safety division, which provides consulting not only on or FAA-approved operations, but on any other operation, like government operations or private operations that can be conducted anywhere in the world to support things like energy companies inspecting power lines or all kinds of different functions.

We also have a separate business aviation consulting division, where we run various types of business aviation-related programs for other types of operators, like Part 91, which are flight [departments], et cetera. We are very diverse and we are basically now using this expertise to support the emerging Part market for unmanned aircraft systems.

Enrico Schaefer: Right. Of course, the SUAS community has been waiting a long time to engage in a variety of different operations. The FAA has slowly been loosening its grip as the safety cases have been made for various operators and various types of operations.

A lot of folks in the space, a lot of the service providers, would love to, of course, jump right into drone delivery. What are you seeing out there in the market?

They have to be sure that the operator, big or small, for UAS, is going to meet an acceptable level of safety. In order to do that, they have to frame it within one of the existing or a new framework that will guarantee that all regulations that guarantee that minimum acceptable level of safety are met.

The regulation that exists already that is the one that most clearly will adapt or is now currently adapting to UAS operations for delivering payloads, all kinds of payloads, big or small, over long or short ranges, is Partwhich is basically the one that manned operators follow when they want to conduct charter flights.

But the only way the FAA can kind of assure that this can be done safely is by using that framework, the framework. That really is the only one that fits that model for conducting commercial operations in UAS.

In other words, no UAS operator will be able to conduct any kind of drone package or payload delivery of any sort, no matter how important it is, in U. Enrico Schaefer: Obviously, besides drone delivery, what are the types of service providers out there that you expect are going to want to get some sort of Part certification? Guido Fuentes: Right.

Well, the rule is very clear from the FAA.As drones are introduced into everyday life in the U. Whether manned or unmanned aircraft, FAA requires that all operators follow specific guidelines for the operations they request. Participants in these programs are among the first to prove their concepts, including package delivery by drone through part air carrier certification. Part certification is the only path for small drones to carry the property of another for compensation beyond visual line of sight.

As participants in these programs move to prove their concepts, they must use FAA 's existing Part certification processsome of which FAA has adapted for drone operations by granting exemptions for rules that don't apply to drones, such as the requirement to carry the flight manuals on board the aircraft. All part applicants must go through the full five phases of the certification process.

The FAA issues air carrier certificates to U. Operators must obtain airspace authorizations and air carrier or operating certificates before they can begin operations. Certificates are available for four types of Part operations :. Wing Aviation is also part of the IPP. Certificates are available for four types of Part operations : Part Single Pilot.

A single-pilot operator is a certificate holder that is limited to using only one pilot for all part operations. A Single Pilot in Command certificate is a limited part certificate.

It includes one pilot in command certificate holder and three second pilots in command. There are also limitations on the size of the aircraft and the scope of the operations. A Basic operator certificate is limited in the size and scope of their operations.

Maximum of five pilots, including second in command. Maximum of five aircraft can be used in their operation. A Standard operator holds a certificate with no limits on the size or scope of operations.

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However, the operator must be granted authorization for each type of operation they want to conduct.Please observe the LED flashing status. Four yellow flashes means preheating, and after preheating it will be OK.

Four green flashes means sensor error, please connect to the assistant software and calibrate the IMU. Four red flashes means the sticks are not in center position, please connect the software and calibrate the transmitter. Please check the power supply connection.

Assessment center examples

Please check the transmitter stick commands and its channel mapping in the software, it has to be consistent and make full range sliding. And check the throttle and pitch channel mapping. Please read the user manual carefully, this may be caused by incorrect installation. Please check: 1.

griff 135 drone

Please make sure your email address is correct and check the spam mail. It is recommended to use Gmail, hotmail, etc for registration. Configuration error, this may cause by firmware upgrade from the old version, or abnormal Tx calibration. Re-calibrate your transmitter, power cycle your controller, and check all of the parameters. Please make sure you are on the RC page of the NAZA Assistant Software, select the right receiver type or check the receiver connection, after that power cycle your controller to take effect.

Compass data is abnormal, please restart your Controller, if you still get this error, please contact your dealer Place of purchase. GPS not calibrated, or magnetic field interference. Please calibrate GPS again in good condition. Please contact your dealer for all technical support questions.

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The ultraportable Mavic Air features a 3-axis gimbal and 4K camera built for any adventure. Consumer Drones Comparison Osmo Comparison. Shot on DJI. Short Film.

DJI Pro. Public Safety. Flight Controllers Increased reliability and precision A3 N3. Developer Customize a platform to fit your needs Matrice Manifold 2 Guidance. Repair Services One-stop aftersales service for worry-free repairs. Services Plans Comprehensive care services providing peace of mind. More Services Master your product with these guides. Proceed to Checkout.GRIFF Aviation at Emerce eDay - speaking about the future of drones and how to make it a good experience for operators and everyone else.

We also spoke about how to introduce heavy lift drones into different industries while guaranteeing safety and reliability. This picture is from a test flight up in the Norwegian highlands. We recently visited Japan where we flew two demos and met with the press. It measures just 77cm wide x cm long in this state, with a height of 47cm. Four Norwegians technology companies are collaborating to use unmanned helicopters to carry car The weather is a big challenge when cargo is going to be lifted with a crane between offshore vessels, rigs and other installations.

The operations depend on wind, visibility, waves etc. Weather conditions at sea often lead to delays in delivering cargo, goods and equipment for offshore installations. Now, four Norwegians technology companies have set themselves a goal of finding an alternative solution to these challenges.

The goal of the "Safer Logistics from Unmanned Logistics Helicopter" research project is to develop systems for using unmanned helicopters, also known as drones, for transporting goods between offshore vessels and offshore installations at sea.

Griff Aviation develops and manufactures drones that have capacity to carry heavy cargo. Should drones be an alternative to conventional crane lift, the logistics helicopter must be able to operate safely under challenging weather conditions. Norut leads the project and has vast experience in developing autonomous control systems for unmanned airplanes, as well as operating them in challenging weather conditions in northern waters.

The offshore logistics helicopter must have a high degree of automation where departure, landing and delivery of cargo can take place on a vessel at sea. The project draws upon expertise from the research community at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology at the The Arctic University of Norway in Narvik, which has extensive experience in automated drone operations. STABLE delivers advanced stabilization technology and will solve one of the main challenges of the research project: To develop the control system systems so the drones can start and operate from a moving, maritime platform.

The company's role in the project is to develop a stable platform for take-off and landing the logistics helicopter. The company participates as an active development partner in "Safer logistics from vessels with unmanned logistics helicopter".

The project is internationally unique and will make the maritime operations that involve lifting of cargo more efficient. The project is supported financially by the Research Council of Norway. If you want to know more about how drones can improve your offshore logistics you can contact us! The award from the government agency will be used on a joint-industry research project into drone operations and associated challenges at sea.

Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help.When it comes to flight, weight is everything. Nature knows this, which is one of the reasons that birds have hollow bones. Modern electric UAVs are only possible because battery energy density has reached the point where the power-to-weight ratio is practical.

We want them to do things that are useful in flight. The spare capacity it has to carry objects that are not strictly needed for flight itself. In the case of camera drones that payload is obviously a camera, but people are coming up with new jobs for drones all the time. In order to operate a drone for any business purposes to make money in the United States you will need a license. Check It out Here! Alternatively you can get longer flight times if the drone is under-loaded. Can it work with the standard connection or do you need to make a custom solution, which itself can add weight to the payload.

Finally it really matters how long your drone can stay airborne with a particular payload weight. Make sure that it has enough endurance to manage what you want to throw at it.

griff 135 drone

So without further ado here are some of the biggest drones in the business. The reason the payload is variable comes down to the optional second battery, which can extend flight time dramatically. If you want a camera drone, then you can mount a gimbal using the pin or 8-pin ports.

8 Best Heavy Lift Drones for Sale 2020 [VERY Large Drones]

This is a large flight platform designed for you to mess with, upgrade and otherwise innovate with it. An amazing power-to-weight ratio is only the start of the possibilities, but obviously this is not for customers who just want to buy large drone that is ready-to-fly. While the DJI Matrice is not one of the truly heavy lifters on this list, its 6kg payload capacity certainly earns it a spot in this category.

The Matrice is a hexacopter, sporting six sizable rotors and motors. Clearly DJI has learned many lessons from those earlier products and overall the Matrice is more refined and better-specified. Using the standard battery and fully loaded the Matrice will fly for about 16 minutes. With a minimal load the standard battery yields 35 minute of flight and the larger battery pushes that figure to 40 minutes.

The Matrice also has redundant systems and generally lives up to a more futuristic vision of what drone tech should be. Built on the backs of the S-series machine I discuss below.

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